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Bryan Mansell explains what Allstar Consultancy can do for you

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Over 30 Years Experience

Bryan Mansell, has experience training and mentoring 1000s of agents whilst managing and improving 147 branches nationwide with roles at Foxtons, Your Move and GPEA Ltd before starting Agency Allstars. 

Millions in profit

We have helped hundreds of businesses to grow their bottom line.

Thousands trained

Our training programmes are delivered nationwide to teams of all sizes.


Our Consultancy Services

We offer full-service consultancy to improve every area of your business, below is an overview of the different ways we can help you grow your profits.

Marketing & Tracking

There are two types of marketing that agents need to master;

  • Marketing the Properties they have For Sale and To Let. Price, presentation, positioning to be lead generating.
  • Marketing themselves to get these Properties. Consider the budget, channel, target audience, relevant content, tracking and ROI.

Experience shows that Estate Agents do not have a handle on most of the above. Many agents have disjointed messages, confusing, busy content and target the smallest possible audience in the local area, i.e. people who are thinking or actually trying to move. This audience is very relevant but it is also approximately 3-5% of the area.

What about the remaining 95%? You should not ignore the majority of the population, some of whom are in your database. Whilst they may not be thinking about moving at this moment, chances are they will soon. All relationships start with regular communication, without it why would they choose you? Sending them your latest three-bed semi isn’t going to get them talking to you, but content that is interesting and helps them is the best option and when done with regularity, gets real results.

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Operations & Processes


Every journey requires travel. Travelling is easier if you know where you are going and it's simple if you have a SATNAV. A good 1, 2 or 3-year business plan and strategy is deciding where you want to be and how you are going to get there.

Next come the numbers. Budgets are produced with a forecast of expectations and should take into account your assumptions for the year ahead, what obstacles are lying in wait and what potential ‘sales blockers’ can derail your results. Your budget for last year (assuming you had one) would have looked different to most years. Potential‘sales blockers’ and ‘assumptions’ would have considered the 2nd home Stamp Duty increase in April, potential Brexit disruptions etc. Also, is the potential tenant fee ban, additional landlord taxation etc featuring in your budget for 2017?

Using a FINFOR (financial forecast) reviewed after each month's results are in and re-programmed for the coming period is THE WAY to stay on course for your budget. Using this method allows you to make minor or major course corrections before they happen and in plenty of time. Useful if you are going to run out of cash in 4 months. If you knew this you would take action now before it’s too late. Think of these as your SATNAV for your business.


From registrations, valuations and vendor revisits to appointment bookings, offer handling and sales progression. From AML and CPR compliance to lettings and property management systems. The right processes and obedience to them creates a disciplined environment that provides for a great customer experience and increases profit. They need regular training, reviewing and policing and total buy-in from your team.

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Training & Development

121s, PIPs, PDPs, PMPs??

During our years spent working in independent and corporate agencies, the many management teams that we have worked for never seemed interested in understanding our personal motivations. Likewise, the goals of the company were never communicated to us. We as individuals promised ourselves that if we ever led teams of people like us, we would change this way of thinking.

Spoon fed from an early age into a culture of 5-1-1 (Viewings, Valuations and FS) whilst in corporate life I never understood, or was told of why this target existed. Furthermore, if some days (and there were some) I didn’t hit that target, it simply INCREASED the following day #classicpoormanagement. Not only did I face a higher target, I had no help in understanding how to achieve it. It is vital to establish what motivates your team. Why are they here? What are they hoping to achieve? What are their personal goals? 

Developing a 'Superstar' culture

A small team of high quality, happy individuals, will run rings around a larger less motivated team. They will be off sick less, work longer because it doesn’t feel like work and be highly productive.

In order to build this team, you need to find them with good scouting and recruitment. Your scouting should always start in-house, everyone wants to work in a team where excellence is rewarded with progression. When you have found them, be very clear about the goals of the business and the part they will play. Next come the targets, be transparent about the numbers and have a ‘super target’ with higher rewards to help your team to push themselves. Now comes the commitment or partnership pledge, TRAINING…The only way to become a superstar is with consistent practice and fine tuning. Observations, feedback and regular coaching are VITAL.

During my time as Managing Director, I recognised that the system in larger companies was NOT tailored to the individual so I created a system that was. I called it CPP or Career Progression Programme. Essentially it is a blueprint for what you need to know and do to advance your career in key stages. My teams bought into this concept very well and it formed the whole culture of high performance through collaboration and not TELL management. Read my recommendations on LinkedIn for evidence!

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Growth & Exit Strategy

During our many years as agents, we have been fortunate enough to have been involved in many new startups including the formation, management and eventual selling-on of our own successful businesses. We have been involved with new launches for agency group Foxtons, including being part of the management team that planned and executed the ‘virtual’ expansion out of London. In addition we have been involved in expansion both organically and through acquisition, learning many lessons about integration along the way.

During our past roles, we have helped owners understand the best exit strategies to maximize the value of their agency and negotiated both Asset and Share purchases. Most recently, our own management team have held board positions within a global estate agency licensing business.

  • Thinking of starting up an estate agency?
    Are you thinking traditional, online or hybrid?

  • Wanting to Grow via Franchise or License
    Very popular choices for growth and start up, but what are the differences?

  • Thinking of selling your estate agency at some point?
    There are many ways that a successful sale can be achieved but there are many things to consider before you take that step.

  • Keen to buy an estate agency?
    What should you be looking for? What split of Lettings / Sale ratio are you interested in?

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