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The Intelligent Way to Track & Improve Your Marketing

See and monitor the responses to your canvassing, adverts, magazines, online and offline paid media, as they happen on your personal dashboard and take control of your budget with true numbers.  Sometimes, marketing spend can seem fruitless - NOT with Allstars Intel -  find out what's working, what's not and ensure you are spending your money for the best RETURN.

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    " Having canvassed for years and not really known the exact return, I am now able to direct my precious resources to the right areas, it has helped me list more properties by targeting what works. "

    Darren Allett

Discover the Benefits of Intelligent Tracking



Monitor every single response, as they happen, from your campaign, on your responsive dashboard



Check your live campaign results at any time and make decisions based on accurate facts, not fiction

HR & Compliance

HR &

Learn from advanced lead scoring and identify training requirements whilst ensuring full GDPR compliance



Easily understand what is working with your marketing. Support your business decisions with confidence.

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Advanced Call Recording

Setup your campaigns with unique phone numbers so you can track results from real-world sources.

Your personalised dashboard makes it easy to record, playback and analyse all calls so you can identify opportunities for training and improve your sales performance.

Convert Audio To Text

Convert your recorded calls to scripted text automatically so you can easily analyse conversations in bulk and set keywords to monitor.

Never miss an important opportunity again and identify potential problems before they happen.